Reserve Your Territory

We allow a franchise candidate we invite, to reserve a territory while moving through our candidate selection process. This is designed to give them the opportunity to reserve their desired territory for the agreed-upon number of days, and begin the process of finding funding and their ideal location for their Click IT store. We only enter into this agreement with candidates we are very confident will successfully complete our process and open a Click IT store. We make this option available only to Level 3 Candidates who are Pre-Qualified for funding. This program is ideal for those who 1) need more time to complete all the Steps to Becoming a Click IT store owner, 2) want to start the lengthy process of finding what leased spaces are available through working with our commercial real estate experts, 3) need more time reviewing the disclosure documents and franchise agreement, 4) need more time to secure financing, or 5) whatever they feel they need more time to do. It also gives us at Click IT the time to continue our evaluation of the candidate without feeling the need to rush through it.

Little to No Risk

After making this reservation and paying the fee, if Click IT decides not to move forward with the candidate within those determined number of days and does not award them with the chosen territory, then this fee will be returned in full. Alternatively, when and if the franchise candidate IS awarded the territory, this reservation fee will reduce the franchise fee by this pre-paid amount.

Key Benefits & Advantages of this Unique Program:

  • Exclusive Area is Reserved
  • Commercial Real Estate Team Can Get Started
  • Location Demographic Studies Begin
  • Introductions Made to Funding Brokers
  • Business Planning Assistance Becomes Available
  • Marketing & Grand Opening Planning Begins

Researching Your Area’s Demographics

We believe the most important aspect of a successful Click IT store is the location. Therefore, we work diligently with candidates who reserve their desired territory by also creating a map showing what’s around that area’s center. Using this map, you can quickly gauge prospective Click IT store customers by clicking the categories. See

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To view the Franchise Territory Reservation form to be used to reserve a territory, click here to open the PDF form in a new tab. Once you place your order and make your payment, this form will need to be executed and returned by email to [email protected] at your earliest convenience. (You can also call our Accounting Department and provide your credit card information by phone. The phone number is 1(440) 247-4998, ext 3015, which is at our company store in Chagrin where we keep our Motherboard corporate offices.)

We only accept territory reservations from candidates who have been invited to do so and have achieved Level 3 in our members portal and have also been Approved or Pre-Qualified for funding. The number of days that this reservation is for thirty days, but can be extended by making equal payments every 30 days. If payment can’t be made in a timely manner, you must contact us within five (5) days from the date of expiration. No reservation can be extended for more than 90 days unless Written Board Approval is given.

This Franchise Territory Reservation Agreement is subject to the Terms and Conditions. All legal documents abided by for this transaction are found at