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Welcome to our dedicated portal, tailored specifically for Click IT franchise owners and their teams. Here, you'll find a wealth of resources essential for the successful start-up and development of your Click IT store. From purchasing eye-catching exterior signage to selecting the perfect interior build-out and marketing materials, everything you need to launch your store in your community is right at your fingertips. Please note that access to the full suite of features requires approved registration for our registered users.

Beyond serving our franchisees, this site is a vital hub for ordering directly from Motherboard, Inc., the guardian of the Click IT brand and the management division of the Click IT Group.

Click IT stands out in the IT landscape as a pioneering full-format IT franchise. We blur the lines between traditional industry categories by operating as both a retail outlet and a managed service provider (MSP). Whether it's repairing laptops or setting up complex networks, Click IT offers a comprehensive range of services. Our robust suite of enterprise-level IT solutions provides both individual customers and organizations with best-in-class services typically reserved for large corporations. This unique combination of retail and MSP services forms the core of Click IT’s innovative two-door model.

Managed by Motherboard, Inc., Click IT Franchise is part of a larger network that includes over 80 distinct domains. For a detailed view of our offerings across different divisions, visit Motherboard Sales Portal.

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Click IT Franchise by Motherboard, Inc. Logo

Click IT is nationally recognized and a registered brand with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Motherboard, Inc. owns all the brand's intellectual property and operates this portal. It is distinguished as the franchisor, a separate entity from our Click IT franchisees (all independent store operations). Motherboard, Inc. provides support and services to this growing network of Click IT stores across the United States.  Clickit Connect Corp. is our company store, the first and original store located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, that is a separate entity operating since 2012. - See the map above for all Click IT locations.

We provide this web portal exclusively for franchisees, with a Shopping Cart so store owners can order items such as Logo Apparel & Accessories (see https://www.clickitstores.com/product-category/logo-items), as well as Store Build-Out Items (see https://www.clickitstores.com/product-category/store-build-out-items), to outfit their store's equipment and decor.

You MUST be a franchise owner or candidate to view exclusive information and use certain features. To learn how to become a candidate, see https://members.clickitfranchise.com.

Note: While we do our best to train our franchisees and provide them with the best-in-class backend of services, success is by no means up to us, the franchisor, but the individuals who own and operate their stores independently of our business. We reserve the right to change and update our training methods, services, and support for the franchise network. All franchise owners sign a Franchise Agreement outlining their obligation of dependency on their capabilities and not on Click IT Franchise for anything other than what's outlined in this agreement. All franchise candidates go through our franchise candidacy program, which prepares them for what they will be doing as an owner. See https://members.clickitfranchise.com for more information.