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Colorado Springs


A) Maps:

Click on the links below to find customized Google maps to use as a tool for finding your ideal location for your Click IT store in your reserved territory. If you want to see the businesses surrounding any location in your territory, please send an email to [email protected] to request a new map for any new properties. To learn more about how to use these maps, see and

For an overview of the area and the property locations under consideration, click here.

4 Properties Built in 2022

    1. 12229 Voyager Parkway
    2. Austin Bluffs
    3. 160 E Cheyenne Rd
    4. 1391 Interquest Pkwy
    5. 1400 Old Ranch Rd

4 Properties Built in 2021

    1. 7919 Silicon Hts
    2. 1359 Interquest Pkwy
    3. 7676 Dublin 1900 - Stand Alone
    4. 7895 Constitution Ave - Stand Alone

B) Below is the information and links provided by FGP Commercial Leasing:


    1.     Trade Area Map.  The Trade Area Map is meant to provide you with visual aids of your desired territory. In this case, we searched your custom trade area using a custom radius and filtered for retail for lease and for sale.





    1. Location Tour/"Flyers". The Location Tours offer you an easy way to find your top properties. With a two-page summary format for each property, our clients use the Location Tour as a process of elimination tool, expediting the Site Selection process.






    1. Online Site Search Summary Dashboard and Worksheets. The worksheets includes potential sites, custom-tailored to your use, from our search and gives you a quick summary from which to work. The locations found on the worksheets are also found on your Location Tours, numbered in the same order.  (Please note: If a new property is identified by either party (you or the agents) from this point on, I will email you the information, and will list it accordingly on the online Google sheet.)  Additionally, I have included a link to the online version, where the team will update notes and comments as the process goes forward. The online version utilizes Google Sheets (much like Microsoft Excel) and Google Drive. This is a simple, collaborative, single point of communication where all parties with the link can edit.  Please also note that when modifying the spreadsheet, all you need to do is OPEN the link, it will SAVE all edits automatically.  Also, if you save a copy to your desktop, no other collaborator will see the work you have created.  In order to remain a shared worksheet, all work needs to be done in the "cloud" environment.  Simply exit the window after you have finished working on it.  The beauty of Google Sheets is that more than one person can be working on the same spreadsheet at a time, and you will be able to see their work immediately.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.







    1. Drive-by Slide Show Videos. Lastly, I have attached the property slide shows for you to easily see the properties from the worksheets.





We believe the typical steps that you can take to efficiently narrow to the top locations are:

    1. Print off the Location Tours (maybe a few too many pages) and/or Location Worksheets, or pull up the documents on your computer.


    1. Step through the Slide Show and Tour/Flyers to downselect. If you like a property and there doesn't appear to be adequate square footage, please do not disregard it, there may more space than shown here.(This link is an example of one of our clients printing off the Location Summary PDF worksheets from #3 and using them to aid themselves in keeping track of the properties that they liked and then letting us know- Example)


    1. Drive the market, make written notes on Signage, Synergistic Tenant Mix, Access, and Parking. Stop and look in the windows to familiarize yourself if possible. Your feet in the street will also allow us to find any potential properties that may not be listed yet!


    1. Simply mark the property numbers you want to keep (property numbers are in the upper right-hand corner of each Location Tour property), for each Location Tour/Location Worksheet, then communicate the numbers back to me, through email, phone call, or text. Our goal is to gather the top 20 properties as quickly as possible.



C) Top 10 Locations

Usage and Availability: A shocking statistic based on over 700 location assignments in all industries suggests that 80% of the time we will not be able to secure your top 2 most desired locations for the following 10 reasons:

    1. Zoning & Permitting 2. Parking 3. Landlord Acceptance 4. Square Footage 5. Asking Rent 6. Exclusivities and Restrictive Language from Cotenants Within the Property 7. A Letter of Intent is Active on the Space 8. There is a Lease Out on the Space 9. The Property is for Sale 10.  Condition of Property.


Shortlisting and Narrowing Down to Your Top 10 Locations will allow our team to get busy calling Landlord brokers to get these vital questions answered on your behalf. We cannot activate this aggressive behavior until you have submitted your Top 10 properties that you would like for us to research on your behalf. This process of shortlisting your Top 10 most desirable locations will accelerate your ability to finalize a location. We like to suggest that your goal is 5-10 working days to review all of the properties that we have submitted including the properties that you have identified and put them into a "Must-See", "Maybe (Drive-By)", or "Discard" columns.


We welcome your comments on everything as we strive to simplify and expedite the process of finding locations, and we look forward to adding any potential properties that you may have found to our list.

Please continue your correspondence directly with both Scott and Shaun of FGP Commercial Leasing as you continue in this process.

For any Click IT's franchising Team member's phone number and contact information, please see our Franchising Team Members.