Our Proprietary Candidacy Program allows you to move at your own pace.

This members' portal is our collaborative way for us to share private information with our members concerning our franchise stores division at Click IT. Invited franchise candidates get access to private and secure information about the Click IT. This portal has also been developed to get to know our members in an organized and memorable fashion.

To enroll and begin our Franchisee Candidacy Process please complete these initial steps:

Is business ownership a good idea for you?

Find out fast if you would be a successful business owner by taking the Personality Traits Test.  This will help you determine if you're the type of person we believe would do well as an owner of a technically-geared business.

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Proprietary Discovery Process

If you've been invited to start our process of discovery, simply click the Register button below and fill out the information to become a registered member of this portal, where we share confidential information about our franchise business opportunity.

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