Store Opening Checklist

There is a lot to do in preparation for opening a new Click IT store. Throughout this entire period, just remember, all the tasks needed to be accomplished are all a part of the process. So that you don't get overwhelmed, we try and coach you with a step-by-step method of reminders, working with you bit by bit until your grand opening. Rest assured, we’re with you the whole way and available.

This page contains a checklist of tasks to complete. These are tasks that your need to complete, sometimes with the assistance of our Franchise Team Members, and sometimes by yourself, totally dependent on your self-determination and motivation. The speed at which this all moves along is many times entirely up to you, but with some of the tasks, we are dependent on others. So, to begin, enter our Franchise Team Members' contact information into your phone's contact list. Click here to see this information.


  • Location selection

    Demographic studies will be done as we select the top 2 to 5 locations. We will work to build maps to help narrow down the location selection along with providing information about the makeup of an area, referred to as demographics. As you move through the process of selecting a location, don't lose sight of the desire to make this a lifestyle choice when selecting the location. Be reminded that this is a place you’ll be going to often, back-and-forth from your home, so ideally, the drive should be short and scenic or at least interesting, with multiple drive route options if possible.

  • Grassroots and gorilla marketing

    Have you read the book? Here’s a link from Amazon: Click here.

    Also, search for Marketing on this portal.

  • Complete the Onboarding Form

    This is the information we will need in order to build your web presence and all your websites that lead to your location and store. See With every bit of new information you receive, such as your new phone number for the store or the